Hosting your online course

Welcome to Contentionary Resource Desk.

In this article, you will learn how to create your online course from your centre in Contentionary. To start, navigate to the online courses tab and hit the Create New button.

You can either select the Create New folder to store your courses in folders or select Create New Course to get started instantly.

Type the name of the Course, then type the course Description, add the price subscribers will pay to access the course. If the course is a free course, then leave the price field blank.

Check the Show in search result if you want the course to be found in options of other courses when a user searches for a similar course. And if you want your course to be private, then check the Make private, after that, hit the Add course button.

Now that you have created the new course, let us add your course modules, and course contents.

Open your newly created course, and go to the course contents tab, then click the Add content button. You can select Add content, or you can select Add course modules to add the course in modules.

Now select the Add course module, now type the title of the module, and a brief description of that module, after that, hit the Add module button.

Note: you can add any amount of course modules

To add content into your course module, click the dropdown button, and click the Manage module button.

Select the Add content button from the popup, then type the title of the content, then add the description, and lastly click the Choose File to import the file from your device.

Note: contents can be video in .mp4 format, audio in .mp3 format and document in .pdf format only.

That is how to host your online course in Contentionary.