Creating a new publication

Welcome to Contentionary Resource Desk.

In this article, you will learn how to add publications to your centre in Contentionary. To get started, navigate to the Publications tab on your centre page, and hit the Create new button.

You can either select the Add new folder to store your publications in folders, or select Add publication to get started instantly.

Select Add publications, and add the title of your publication, the description which can also be the publication’s abstract or introduction, then enter the price (in Naira) subscribers will pay to access your publications, then select the publication's category from the Select category dropdown.

The categories are:

  • Academic journal

  • Projects

  • Ebooks

  • Templates

  • Worksheets

  • Notes

  • Slides

  • Past questions solutions

  • Others

Then select the publication file from your local device when you click the Choose File button.

Note: publication supports all text files (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .xlsx, .txt etc.)

Check Show in search result if you want your publications to be seen when a user searches for a similar publication on the search page, and if you want your publication to be private, only to be accessed by the users you add, then check to make private.

When you check Allow Read, it will allow users to be able to read the publication directly from your publication page.

If you want subscribers to download your publication to their device, then check the Allow download.

Note: The Allow Read works with .pdf files only, so for other file types, you can check the Allow Download, and users will be able to download the publication. You can also select both Allow Read and Allow Download and users will be able to do both.

Now hit the Add Publication button. And you have added your publication.

Adding Objectives and Authors to Publication

Now that you have added your publication. Click the publication to view the publication page, add objectives and also add the publication author.

To add the publication's objectives, click the Create objectives button, then type each objective and use a comma to itemize each objective.

After that, hit the Add Objectives button.

To add authors, hit the Add button to get the author's pop-up. Then type the name of the author, the author's biography, and import the author's image.

after that, hit the Add Author button

And that's how to create your publication in Contentionary.